Dance Et Cetera Updates….

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday 2:30-7:30pm

Store Hours

Monday-Thursday 3:30-7:30pm

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This ADULT HIP HOP CLASS is a fun, high energy opportunity for adults (college and up) to get moving and have a great time!
>>> No experience needed! <<<
This class is at a beginners level with opportunities to modify to your higher or lower comforts and abilities.
The class consists of an aerobic warm up, a building combination of popular dance moves and a relaxing cool down.
Participants will be able to enter through the exterior door on the side of the aqua room (right side of the building).
Please fill out a COVID Waiver at the front desk before class starts.
All classrooms are sanitized before classes start.

We are excited to announce our SAFELY BACK TO DANCE plans!

Classes start back on Tuesday, September 8 and we cannot wait to see everyone! 🙂

In response to COVID, we have installed air purifiers in every room and will be taking temperatures and wearing masks in times of inactivity.

Please review the following policies and procedures to help keep us all safe as we get back to what we love.

  • Dancers will enter and exit the dance classrooms from outside doors. The pink, purple and tumbling room will use the upstairs, back studio door. The yellow classroom will use the downstairs, side door on the left side of the building. The blue room will use the downstairs, side door on the right side of the building.
  • To limit contamination in the building, parents will not be allowed in the lobby/waiting areas at this time.
  • Dancers will need to wear a mask when entering, exiting or changing classes or in times of inactivity.
  • Water fountains will not be hooked up at this time.
  • Temperatures will be taken at the door and any dancer experiencing a fever will be asked to leave.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use in all rooms and teachers will be cleaning between classes.
  • All dancers must fill out our new REQUIRED COVID-19 WAIVER. This is different than the waiver that may have been filled out for Recital or Summer Classes. Please review, print and sign for the first day of class. Dancers will not be able to participate without this waiver.

Our store will still be open for your back-to-dance needs while observing social distancing.

Masks are required when visiting store or offices.

Should you experience a positive COVID test, please follow the FLOW CHART to maintain safest practices before returning to dance.

Please double check the CLASS SCHEDULE and feel free to call our office if you have any questions about your current classes or classes that you would like to add!





Please review and commit to the following SAFELY BACK TO DANCE POLICIES.
These are very important to our safe work and dance environment. Please review these with your dancer.